How To Lock The Camera To View In Blender

It’s really important to set the best angle for the camera to get the best results.

And getting best result by moving the camera with arrows is not that easy.

There is a better, faster and more easy way to set your camera angle so you can get the best render result. Lock The Camera To View In Blender

And even for animation when you want to animate the camera movement. You simply move around in the viewport and add keyframes and it will be done very well.

You can lock the your camera to viewport so set your camera so fast.

So simply in the viewport you need to press “N” to open up the sidebar tools, if it’s not open.

You go to the “View” tab, under the “View Lock” check the “Camera To View

Now press “0” on the numpad to see the camera view. If you are not.

And now where ever you move to the viewport you camera will follow you.

Enjoy, Have a Nice Render.

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